Rights and riots

LGBT+ History Month is marked at different times in different countries, but in the UK this falls in February. Some may ask why, though, if we have made progress as a society – however imperfect – it is needed. Why don’t we focus on the future instead of also looking to the past? Why doRead moreRights and riots

The feeling of allyship

If you’re reading this blog it’s a safe bet that you’re interested in what it means to be an ally, or you’re well on your way along the journey. It’s also a safe bet that many of you reading this will have been on the receiving end of support from an ally in one formRead moreThe feeling of allyship

Finding my voice

First off, thanks for visiting my blog. This is my first post, and since this site is all about diversity I’d like to begin with a rundown on some diversity-related stats about me. I’m 35. I’m a white man and I grew up in a middle-class home with a mum and a dad and aRead moreFinding my voice