Guy at Pride

Hi, and welcome to my blog on allyship! My name’s Guy, I’m 36, and I’m from the UK, though I now live in Dublin, Ireland.

I lived in Scotland until I was 18, when I moved south to study geography at Oxford University. My degree really helped me establish a foundation in understanding the world around us, whether it was learning about the way in which societies are structured both physically and socially, analysing patterns and models, or appreciating the interconnected nature of the many facets of the challenges affecting our world. I’ve found those experiences invaluable as I continue to build my diversity knowledge.

I changed field entirely when I entered the world of work. In my core role at a multinational I’m an IT manager, but I have a real passion for diversity and I’m grateful to work for a company that enables me to dedicate a chunk of time to that – I am or have been involved in a variety of work including LGBTQ+ diversity, our mental health employee group, diversity in recruitment, and general allyship. That said, this personal blog is entirely separate from work and all opinions are my own.

Away from the office I run, climb, kayak and cycle. I follow politics. I travel whenever I can, but I prefer a journey to just a destination – I’ve taken the train from Scotland to Cambodia, driven around the south coast of India in a rickshaw, and run a marathon in the Arctic. I love meeting new people and experiencing new cultures, and I’m very lucky to have had so many opportunities to do that.

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